Gps Tracking Device has different types of GPS trackers that can be used to track vehicles and people. GPS trackers have a variety of uses and almost everybody at one point has a need for a GPS tracking device. Gps trackers can be used to prevent vehicle theft, ensure child safety, track your teenagers, keep track of employees, track valuable paintings, track containers, track suspected cheaters, and a variety of other uses. Gps Tracking Device offers the Miniature GPS tracking device, OBD tracking device, and Hard Wire tracking device. Each tracking device serves its own purpose and can be used in a variety of ways.


The Miniature tracking device is perfect to track vehicles as well as people. The device is portable and can fit in a person’s pocket or even be attached to the frame of a vehicle. This device is perfect to track vehicles, paintings, valuables, boats, paintings, and other valuables.


Miniature GPS


Free carry pouch included with any purchase of the Miniature Tracking Device.


Carry Pouch


 Track from any smart phone for simple and convenient GPS tracking


Phone Tracking

 Protect your valuables such as jewelry using the Miniature GPS Tracking Device.

Jewelry Case


The GL 300 is a different model of the Miniature Tracking Device, but offers all of the same features. The only difference with the device is that it has a unique exterior design. It includes all the same features such as two and a halfweeks of battery life as well as a built in motion sensor. 



 The magnetic clip is an additional accessory that attaches to the back of the Miniature GPS tracking device.


Magnetic Clip


The extended battery is an additional accessory that will provide up to three months of battery life. The battery has a strong magnet on the bottom that can be used to attach to any magnetic surface. 


Extended Battery


The hard wire power kit is used to connect the Miniature GPS Tracking Device to the car itself. This will help to make the Miniature GPS Tracking Device more versatile.


Hard Wire Power Kit


The Magnetic Pelican Case has a strong magnet at the base and the Miniature Tracking Device can be placed inside the case. This will prevent the Miniature Tracking Device from extreme weather such as rain and snow.


Weatherproof Pelican Case


The OBD tracking device installs into the OBD 2 port of a vehicle. This device will provide real time tracking and installs within seconds.


OBD Tracker


The OBD GPS Tracking Device installs in the OBD ii port of any vehicle. The OBD ii port is normally located underneath the steering column. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 are required to have an OBD ii port.


The Y Cable is an extended cable that is used to hide the OBD Tracker and at the same time keep the OBD port open in case you need to get the car serviced.


Extended Y Cable


The third type of device is the Kill Switch tracking device which installs behind the dashboard. This device is perfect to track company vehicles as well as fleets of vehicles. Also, this tracking device is perfect if you want to ensure your GPS tracking device remains completely hidden.


Kill Switch Hard Wire GPS


The software for our GPS products can be tracked on any PC, MAC, phone, tablet, or iPAD.


Phone Log in Screen


Once logged in, the software will let you know the battery life of your GPS tracking device. This indicator will let you know if the Miniature GPS tracking device needs to be charged.


Battery Life


The dashboard is the main screen that will provide a map and will have an indicator dot to let you know the exact location of the GPS tracking device.


Real Time Locator


The software provides the option for a satellite view, which is an aerial view of the current location of the tracking device. 


Zoom out Satellite


Zoom in on satellite view to see any buildings, beaches, or other landmarks that are in the area of the GPS tracker. 


Zoom in Satellite


Street view allows you to see a street level view of the GPS tracking device. This mode will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the GPS tracker.


Street View


The Breadcrumb Trail will allow you to see the start and finish point of the GPS tracking device. The Breadcrumb trail provides a visual of the device, so you can see how the GPS device arrived where it arrived.


Breadcrumb Trail


Track multiple vehicles with out GPS Tracking software. The software allows multiple vehicles to be tracked so you can keep track of all your employees.


Fleet Tracking


National coverage for tracking is $29.95 per month (month to month). Worldwide coverage is also available.


Worldwide Tracking



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