Gps Tracking Device will track the location of any highly valuable asset. Gps Tracking Device tracks such assets including paintings, jewelry, antiques, pets, automobiles, trailers, off road vehicles, planes, helicopters, and more.


Jewelry Case


 Want to know when your valuable painting arrives to the safe it is being transported to? You can be notified by text message once any asset leaves a location as well as safely arrives to its designated location. Also, be notified anytime your asset moves.


Breadcrumb Trail


 Our GPS Trackers are reusable which makes the tracking of multiple assets possible. Track them on any phone, computer, tablet, iPad, or any internet device. No software is needed. Multiple trackers may be purchased as well to track multiple assets.


Phone Log in Screen


 The Miniature Tracking Device has the ability to help locate any missing or stolen property. Lose your luggage on your flight? Just attach the Miniature Tracking Device to the suitcase and you will be able to find out where it ended up.


Worldwide Tracking


Somebody steal your purse or wallet? With the convenience of phones, track the location of the thief right on your phone and find your missing item. Everybody loses something, but with our trackers make the recovery of that lost item simpler.


Zoom in Satellite


The Miniature Tracking Device is water resistant, which allows it to be attached to any boat, Jet Ski, or any other watercraft.


Magnet Clip Connected


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