Children are the most important thing in a parent’s life. Wouldn’t you rest easier knowing that your child is safe and completely out of danger? What if you can know every time your child arrives and leaves school? What if your child is in danger and needs your help immediately, but has no way of reaching you?


Miniature GPS


Gps Tracking Device offers solutions to all these problems thanks to its new Miniature Tracking Device. The Miniature Tracking Device is a pocket-sized device that fits inside your child’s pocket, backpack, purse, or can even clip onto a belt.


Magnetic Clip


The Miniature Tracking Device can put your mind at ease by several options it provides for the concerned parent. Perimeters can be designated, which for example can be set up around the school to let you know anytime your child arrives and leaves school. You can have a text message sent directly to your phone so you know your child arrives and leaves safely.




The Miniature Tracking Device features a panic button, which you could let your child know about. If your child senses danger all they would have to do is press the button and you will be notified immediately by text message or email of an emergency. From there, you can track your child’s whereabouts with our software and notify the authorities if necessary.


Zoom in Satellite


You can never be too cautious about the safety of your child. Children go missing all the time, so don’t let your child be next. Take the necessary steps to ensure your child’s safety.

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