The Miniature GPS Tracking Device is a tracking device offered by GPS Tracking Device. The tracking device fits in the palm of your hand and even has a panic button feature. If the panic button is pressed, a text message and/or email will be sent to the emergency contact.  The Miniature Tracking Device has two and a half weeks of battery life. The GPS tracking device can be configured to provide updates every minute or five minutes.


The miniature tracking device can be placed anywhere inside the vehicle or even on the top side of the frame of the car (additional magnetic clip). Several additional accessories are available for the Miniature Tracker.


Miniature GPS


The Miniature GPS Tracking Device comes with a jewelry case that is used to hold the GPS tracker. This accessory is included with the purchase.


Carry Pouch


Protect all your valuables and assets with our Miniature Gps Tracking Device.


Jewelry Case


The GL 300 is another model of the Miniature Tracking Device offered by Gps Tracking Device. The GL 300 contains all the same features as the GL 200 such as the two and a half week battery life and built in motion sensor. The GL 300 has different exterior features including a brand new design. The GL 300 is identical to the GL 200 except for its unique exterior design.



The magnetic clip is a sturdy magnet that attaches the Miniature GPS Tracking Device to the top side of the frame of the car.


Magnetic Clip


Just attach the magnet to the back of the Miniature GPS Tracking Device and attach the gps to any magnetic surface.


Magnet Clip Connected


The vehicle charger charges the Miniature GPS Tracking Device through the cigarette lighter.


Vehicle Charger


The Hard Wire Power Kit charges the tracker battery when the engine or other circuit is on.


Hard Wire Kit


The battery extends the battery life of the GPS tracking device for up to six months and also features a strong 50 lb magnet.


Extended Battery


The extended battery has a magnet on the bottom that can be used to attach it to the top side of the frame of a vehicle.


Extended Battery Magnet


The pelican case is a weatherproof case that can be used to prevent the Miniature Tracking Device from getting damaged in extreme weather conditions. The case is durable as well as compact.


Weatherproof Pelican Case


The pelican case has a strong magnet at the base which can be used to secure the miniature tracking device to any magnetic surface.


Magnetic Pelican Case

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