GPS Tracking Device has an OBD 2 Tracking Device that plugs right into the OBD 2 port of any vehicle.



The OBD ii Tracking Device can be installed yourself since it is a simple plug that plugs right into the port. The OBD ii vehicle tracker offers real time tracking. 


OBD Tracker


Just plug the device right into the port or pop the port out and install the Y Cable


OBD 2 Tracker


The Y Cable is used to keep the tracker hidden, while at the same time keeping the port open. Keeping the port open allows you to get the car serviced if needed.


Extended Y Cable


The Y Cable is simple to install and just requires a few easy steps. Pop out the OBD ii port from the vehicle. Plug the OBD tracker into one of the female ends of the cable. Plug the other female end of the cable into the location where the original OBD ii port went. Then simply plug the original OBD that was popped out into the male end of the cable.


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