The trackers provided by Gps Tracking Device can even help an elderly person find his or her way home. Senior citizens who suffer from dementia often wander off and it is very difficult to locate them. Just make sure that they have the Miniature GPS Tracking Device on them at all times and then you can always know their location. They can either carry it in their pocket or you can attach it to them.


Miniature GPS


They also have the option to press the panic button if they have an emergency or can’t find their way home. The Panic button will immediately send an emergency alert via text message and email to loved ones, caregivers, and neighbors.


Annual Report All Events


This device can be used whether the senior citizen is driving or walking.


Street View


The Miniature GPS Tracking Device will provide the route that they have taken so you can see everywhere they wandered. Also, track their driving habits to make sure they are driving safe and not putting themselves as well as others in danger.


Breadcrumb Trail


View the location of the elderly person you are tracking from any phone or computer.


Phone Log in Screen


The OBD 2 Miniature Tracking Device and Kill Switch Tracking Device are perfect alternatives if you just want to track the driving habits of the senior citizen.


Extended Y Cable


Gps Tracking Device understands the importance of protecting your loved ones so rest easy knowing that your loved ones are safe. Gps Tracking Device features excellent customer service and will be able to provide more information if contacted.


Worldwide Tracking

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