Concerned that your teen may be using your vehicle without your permission? Are you nervous that they may be spending time with the wrong crowd? Would you like to know your teen’s driving habits?


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Gps Tracking Device offers tracking devices that can solve all of these issues. The OBD 2 GPS Tracking Device is perfect for teens and can simply be plugged inside their vehicle. If you fear that they may find the Tracker, purchase the “Y” cable to conceal it and they would have no idea that it is there.


Extended Y Cable


Once installed simply log into the software from any phone or computer. Find out everything such as the route they have taken, hard braking, excessive speeds, and when the vehicle is in motion. You can even configure alerts to be sent to your phone via text message or email of any such occurrences.


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The Kill Switch GPS Tracking Device is another excellent choice to track your teens, since it is undetectable and also has the relay switch. If your child is not supposed to be driving, just access the vehicle remotely and disable the ignition. Also, if the vehicle is ever stolen, the ignition can be killed and you can find out the location with the tracking software.


Hard Wire


Perimeters are an excellent way to make sure that your teen isn’t spending time with the wrong group of people. Perimeters can be designated in high crime areas or just in areas in general that you would not like your teen to travel to. Set up alerts that will be sent to your phone and/or email anytime your teen enters an unauthorized area.





The safety of your child should always be a parent’s primary concern and there is no penalty for being too cautious. Parents are teachers, so help instruct your teenagers to make the right choices. Go to work with a clear mind knowing that your child is completely safe. 


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